From the outset it is clear to see why double chamber bongs from Ozbongs are an attractive proposition for domestic smokers.

They have more intricate designs which makes way for a greater diversity of creativity.

The aesthetic appeal aside, many regular consumers like to stay loyal to their own brand and avoid double chamber bongs for a number of reasons.

Whether that is on price, the cleaning process or the ability to access a wider variety of materials, they would rather remain with single sized models.

Here we will look to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these creations, allowing shoppers to make an educated decision on the subject.


Quality Smooth Hit

Single sized designs are still more than capable of giving that quality hit that users are craving depending on the brand and the process used by the manufacturer. However, when double chamber bongs are given preference by the smoker, they will always come out on top. Just by the way they are crafted they have more space to utilize inside of the item as the smoke filters through to deliver that intoxicating hit at the lip. This is in large thanks to the water chamber where the smoke is passed through. Some shoppers fear that the increased level of hit will be harmful to the lungs but given the way the filtration process works with both chambers, it will still be silky smooth for the lungs.


Cleaning Process

There is little question that smokers who invest in double chamber bongs have more to do when it comes to the cleaning process. A single chamber percolator condenses the space where the smoke fills the device, meaning that the cleaning task can be undertaken with quicker ease than their double-barreled counterparts. Yet this is an activity that experienced users won’t be too concerned about given their need to protect and condition the item irrespective of its size. That extra time and effort will be worth it for certain individuals who would rather enjoy the other advantages sourced from this particular model.


Material Selection


Given the amount of choice and variety that comes with single sized designs, that level of brand selection is not always evident with double chamber bongs. These models will be offered through a variety of glass, plastic and acrylic brands but shoppers might have to venture far to find ceramics, metals and other preferences that suit their personal tastes.


Safety For Beginners

Double chamber bongs include an extra compartment that holds and maintains water for the consumer, ensuring that the substance is diffused to a stronger degree. For beginners who want to enjoy their tobacco without suffering from inhalation or issues with the lungs, it is worthwhile taking this option. Most of the designs will be crafted around 12-inches and if this is deemed satisfactory, there is always the chance of transitioning across to a single sized product or upgrade to a three chamber model.


Rise in Popularity and Competition

With the inherent benefits that are on offer through double chamber bongs, these trends and habits are being noticed within the industry. In 2019 that has forced manufacturers and designers to improve their game and lower prices to entice new entrants into the niche. Whereas these items could have been considered too dear by the average smoker, they are seen as an affordable solution for those that are either new to the market or consider themselves an experienced consumer.



The ultimate choice on the value of double chamber bongs comes down to the consumer and what attributes and features they place as a higher priority on their personal list. Some will love the bigger hits and the quality aesthetic of the product, whilst others will be mindful of the cleaning, maintenance and pricing of the brand. It will be worthwhile getting a closer look through a retailer in person to gauge whether or not it is an attractive proposition and discuss the advantages and disadvantages with an experienced practitioner who has tested both models.