While there are some Australians out there who have heard of after hours doctors, most are used to the more traditional format where they go to an office to visit a medical professional in person. As this is the case, there are many out there who don’t know anything about this extremely beneficial service, this article will explore some of the commonly asked questions about an after hours doctor. One of the first things to know is that the professionals that come to people’s homes are still qualified professionals. They are exactly the same as a regular GP, they will just work at night-time or early in the morning when regular professionals aren’t available. There are many reasons why people go for this option and one example is when people are simply too sick to drive themselves to an appointment. When this is the case, they can call the company that offers after hours doctors and can go on the waiting list for a medical professional to pay them a visit in their home or location. While there can be a long wait list for this kind of service, people can feel comfortable while they wait because they will be relaxing in their own homes rather than sitting in an uncomfortable waiting bay area.

How much do after hours doctors cost?

One of the most common questions out there is about how much after hours doctors cost. The reason that people want to know is so that they are able to plan this in their budget. Furthermore, when someone has experienced an ongoing illness they may not have a great deal of funds available to seek the support of a medical professional. As this is the case, people need to know exactly how much they are going to pay in order to receive treatment. The short answer is that it really depends on the company at hand. Some will offer bulk billing services where all people need to do is provide their Medicare card. In most cases, there will be a Medicare rebate that can be claimed. Some will have the necessary equipment so that this can be claimed on the spot, but in other cases, people will need to pay the full amount and can then take a picture of their receipt and upload it on their Medicare app. Otherwise people can take the receipt into a Medicare office once they are feeling better.

Will after hours doctors carry medication with them?

In most cases, after hours doctors will not carry medication with them. The great news is that there are plenty of emergency pharmacies out there where people can do to get medication. Having said this, some will carry things such as antihistamines or other basic medications so that they are able to administer them if they believe they need to do so. It is highly unlikely that they will ever carry habit-forming medication purely for safety measures. The good thing is, however, is that professionals are able to recommend the best course of action such as rest, blood-tests, to see a specialist, or perhaps medication such as antibiotics. In some cases they may simply be able to provide a medical certificate and are able to offer a peace of mind to the client as they will understand that their condition is not that severe after all. At the end of the day, whether someone decides to choose an after hours doctors or a regular in-person professional, it is important that they do receive treatment so that things don’t become any worse than they have to.