Domestic Australian enterprises in 2018 need to find all sorts of ways to accelerate the performance of their operation.


As managers sift through the details and attempt to find solutions that will help them get ahead, they can source third party recommendations, locate case studies or be contacted by specialists who are advocating for a various position.


Then there are applications such as the one provided by Skype for business busy light.


Here is a tool that allows companies to channel their day-to-day activity through a centralised portal where notifications and status updates are broadcast to all in sundry.


Not only are the lights a great visual aid for those workers in close proximity to the operator, but they illustrate a need to cater to the client on the end of the call.


Among all of the functions that a Skype program can issue for an organisation striving for excellence, this is an initiative that allows an enterprise to truly maximise their potential and win at the game of communication.


In that spirit, we will delve into the functions that this outlet can provide for commercial entities all across Australia.

Commercial Uniformity


There is a need for medium to large enterprises that host a number of simultaneously operating departments to have uniformity and synchronicity across their platform. From the sales team to the IT department and the customer service desk, there needs to be standard practices that are true from top to bottom of the company. By bringing aboard an application such as Skype for business busy light, there can be that universal understanding that is prevalent through all forms of the business, allowing for a stronger and more consistent communication model to be embraced.

Bringing Attention To Missed Calls


Those companies who continue to overlook the need to answer their phones in a quick and diligent manner are letting cash fall through their fingertips. Consumers are already spoiled for choice, no matter what niche you are discussing as there are rarely scenarios whereby an individual is beholden to one brand or outlet. Skype for business busy light allows for these situations to be avoided as flashing light indicators and digital notification alerts will bring to attention the need to respond immediately, or at least place these callers on hold before being answered within a limited timeframe.

Allowing For Location Flexibility


Thanks to the digital capacity for companies to embrace mobile devices, Skype for business busy light can extend beyond the boundaries of the work desk. Taking these outlets with you during transport on a train, bus or plane, or if you need to be at a consultation or meeting in another city, state or country, these devices are ready to travel with you.

Open To Further Technological Developments


Customisation updates and evolutions are available for certain packages pertaining to a Skype for business busy light. Whether the colour coding system needs to be changed or a third party consultation firm is brought into the fold, there are ways and means of adapting this technology to suit new circumstances. This might require some expertise on the part of Skype to troubleshoot certain issues, but the capacity is there to expand on the program as you are a client of the product.



There is a need to adhere to policy when thinking about the roles and responsibilities of a commercial enterprise. Yet a Skype for business busy light program is on offer to ensure that your rhetoric is matched by action, empowering employees to be available and to communicate to their desk that they are engaged in an important call with a client.