Consulting with your family lawyers Sydney is imperative when a divorce or child custody battle is ensuing and there can be little to no common ground found between each spouse. Despite ongoing talks and attempts to resolve the conflict as amicably as possible, there is simply no other means but to seek legal advice.

It is during these talks where important decisions are made for the sake of the spouse and potential children that are caught in the crossfire. From property to vehicles and other financial assets that come into the equation, the logistics can become overbearing if conducted without a solicitor on hand.

As these meetings progress from the first initial stage all the way to a conclusion, it is worthwhile considering what types of questions you should be posing to your family lawyer. They should provide enough prompts without your questions to give you a rounded picture, but these scenarios leave no room for mistakes or ambiguity.

Do You Have a Background With Comparable Cases?

Despite all of the placards and accolades that are littered around the office of the family lawyer, it is important to gauge whether or not they have similar experiences to a case that fits your description. Should they have knowledge and case studies from the past that they can call upon, that will give you peace of mind to know that they are equipped to handle the matter. If there is a gap in knowledge or experience, then push them to seek their own advice from a solicitor who can guide them.

Do You Value Communication?

This might appear like a passive aggressive question to ask, but it is vital that your family lawyer understands that you will want to be updated and informed on developments in the case. Once a notice has been filed or documentation has been requested, you deserve to know as a client what your solicitor is doing. The more transparent the representative, the greater the bond of trust can develop between the two parties.

How Heavy Is Your Current Workload?

This question is an interesting one to pose to your family lawyer. On one hand you do not want a professional that is bogged down in a series of cases that will take away attention from your circumstance. On the other, a representative that is completely free on their schedule does not indicate a great deal of trust from the wider community. Monitor their response to this question carefully.

What Deals and Options Are On The Table Now?

An expert family lawyer will be able to place all of the options on the table to outline what scenarios are available and what are the likely pathways to success. Should you attempt to strike a deal or fight the battle in court, they should be able to offer clarity in your vision whilst explaining the consequences for adopting those stances.

How Is Your Billing Formulated?

An obvious question to pose to your family lawyer is directed at their billing procedure. Are they on a retainer or an hourly rate? What are the additional fees that have to be posed? Are there limits or boundaries that can be imposed on a particular limit? One of the great concerns as a client is being over billed, so receive an agreement in writing and have clarity on this subject.


These are the key questions you should be asking your family lawyer. There is simply no point leaving any detail to chance as you tread some difficult waters during this period and to rest a little easier, it is worthwhile gleaning as much information as possible from your own family lawyer.