Cold curls – it’s a fad that has had its moment in the glorious spotlight, and is now a dwindling trend scattered across very few styles. The tightly curled aesthetic cannot help but make people reminisce about the sixties. So what’s taken its place?


The answer is hot-perms.

At a digital perm hair salon Sydney, you can witness just why it’s become such a major trend. It offers boho style waves that are looser and more natural looking, and is often reputed to be less damaging for your locks than traditional methods.


Let’s look at how digital perm hair salons in Sydney achieve this, and if it’s right for you.


The process

As the word ‘hot’ suggests, heat technology is utilised to create prominent curls. The process can be broken down into three stages at a digital perm hair salon in Sydney.


Firstly, chemicals are applied to the head for an hour to soften, relax and prepare the locks. It is then wrapped around hot curling rods to form looser curves and waves. The size of the rods can be personally tailored to suit your preferences, as opposed to the traditional method which only offered tightly wound curls. These hot rollers are hooked onto a temperature-regulating machine to set the style for varying amounts of time, depending on the thickness and condition of your locks. Finally, when these rollers are removed, chemicals are applied to set the curls in permanently. The whole process can take 3 to 4 hours in a digital perm hair salon in Sydney, but has been reported to last longer than traditional methods.


The benefits

The main difference in the result from a digital perm hair salon in Sydney and a traditional cold curl is the resulting shape and texture of the wave. The traditional method results in tightly curled waves when it is wet, and loose curls when it is dry, resulting in moist looking locks. A digital perm hair salon in Sydney creates voluminous curled locks that are more natural and flowing in style, bringing to mind Kate Middleton style locks that are elegant and modern. The curls are also most prominent when the locks are dry, which is the majority of the time.


This style is highly recommended for people with limp or already damaged locks, as it is a less harmful way to curl due to the close monitoring of temperature. Customers have actually reported silkier, smoother locks with this technique at digital perm hair salons in Sydney. Recommended for those looking for more volume and life, it also saves time styling and blow drying in the morning.


The technique also originated in Japan, so it is especially suited towards Asian strands which tend to be straight, thick and more resistant to chemical change. However, it is best to consult with your stylist to see if it is suitable for you.


Is it for you?

Despite these benefits, digital perm hair salons in Sydney do recommend the style only on selective mane types. As aforementioned, it is best suited towards Asian locks, but can be appropriate for people with thick manes.


If you have coloured or treated locks, perhaps it is best not to go to a digital perm hair salon in Sydney. The chemicals saturated in your follicles can react in unpredicted ways, cause more damage and breakage of hair when treated with high temperatures.


Lastly, if you have many short layers, it is probably best to avoid a digital perm hair salon in Sydney. Not only will it ultimately look frizzy due to the differing layers of curls, you may end up looking like a poodle!



Nonetheless, digital perm hair salons in Sydney have only grown in popularity due to these advantages over the old methods. Curling your locks is a fabulous way to add movement into your mane, and can create a whole new look that will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Just make sure you leave plenty of time for the booking, and be prepared to give your fresh locks the proper care afterwards!