Trying to decide if Corporate Care flu vaccinations are in the company budget this year? In the long run a corporate flu vaccination program could save your business substantial sums of money and help to protect the wallets of your employees too.

Here’s why Corporate Care flu vaccinations are a win-win and a smart investment for every business:

The cost of influenza

Almost everyone will experience one of the strains of influenza at some point in your life. So you’re probably aware that the symptoms can be debilitating and are likely to require at least a couple of days off for recovery. Most people will experience fever, vomiting, body aches and pains, headaches and congestion when they become infected with influenza. It is also highly contagious. This can result in a flow on effect of family members and friends who will contract the illness and require time off of work. This can be costly to individual households, but also represents a large cost to your workplace. Work environments are one of key culprits for the spread of illnesses such as the flu. Poor health management practices can easily see a large number of your staff struck down with the illness in the cooler months – this is disruptive for your business and very expensive!


Influenza contributes to absenteeism, lost productivity and work disruptions. Missing staff can have an impact on normal business functions, disrupting meetings, upsetting clients or preventing normal workflows from happening. The cost to Australian businesses it to the tune of many millions of dollars every year – that’s why influenza injections are so important.

Benefits of corporate flu vaccinations

Corporate flu vaccinations have many potential benefits for your business. Not only are they inexpensive compared to the cost of absenteeism but they can also improve your relationship with staff. Influenza injections have been shown to be very effective and can reduce absenteeism levels by up to 50%. Having programs in place shows staff that you value and care for their health and well-being and can be a draw for potential new hires.

Employees are no longer content with simply being paid, it is important for companies to look at the needs of their staff holistically and offer solutions to help their lives function well around their work commitments. It is often difficult for employees to make time for injections or health concerns. Having a program take place at work allows them to prioritize their health without having to leave work or take time off. The ease and convenience are a plus for employees and show them that your company values flexibility.

Corporate flu vaccinations can be run on-site and take only a few seconds, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the work day.

Your employees will appreciate the effort to protect their health, and it will help to prevent the spread of illness around the office.

The best time to get corporate flu vaccinations is several months before the onset of winter, where most influenza activity takes place. This is because the vaccination takes some time to work propery, it will take up to six weeks before employees are protected against influenza.

Getting a program in place

Contact local health providers, pharmacies and corporate flu vaccinations services at the beginning of the year to ensure that you are prepared in time for winter. You will need to provide them with the number of employees requiring injections so that they can prepare and order enough of the vaccines. You will also need to inform employees of the day and time, they will need to provide some medical information on the day.